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Sea Salt
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Natural Gourmet Sea Salt

 Hand Produced Sea Salt Is A Craft

There is a Certain Romance about Authentic Artisan Sea Salt 

Sea Salt is a World Full of Flavors, Colors and Textures​

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Is There A Difference Between Standard Table Salt & Artisan Sea Salt?

Not All Salt Is Created Equal 

Commercial salt is packed with anti-caking ingredients and bleaches.

It is ultra refined with added synthetic iodine and lacking the precious minerals of natural sea salt.

The global business of refined table salt is mined by large commercial operations in vast quantities using industrial machinery, conveyor belts and additives.

Commercial table salt production

Natural Unrefined Sea Salt Is Produced By The Simplest Of Combinations: Ocean, Wind & Sun

Hand harvested sea salt in Sicily

Artisan sea salt is a world away from the commercial salt industry.

These salts are produced in small quantities, in select parts of the world where the local natural environmental forces come together to provide the exact circumstances to create these exquisite salt crystals or flakes.

The Finest Sea Salts Are

Natural, Organic & Untreated 

Unrefined sea salt is enriched with naturally occurring minerals and trace elements.

Unlike table salt which has these​ stripped and washed away.

Each sea salt from a different geographic area has a unique taste reminiscent of the sea, sun and wind of its origin.

Artisan sea salt is harvested by skilled artisans who practice a craft.

Some artisan sea salts are hand harvested using methods that have not really changed for over 2000 years.

Salt workers, like those creating the French Fleur de Sel, produce their hand made products using time honored traditional ways of life.

French salt workers are called “paludiers” (from the latin “palu” meaning “marsh”) are are referred to as a magician - he takes a drop of water and from it extracts crystals of sea salt.

What Is Special About Artisan Sea Salt?

Each artisan sea salt has individual characteristics reflecting its own unique history of its local geography, sea water, rocks, lakes or even inland oceans that dried up over 200 million years ago.

Sea salt can be evaporated in ponds or salt pans or indeed from any body of water.

Authentic Artisan Sea Salt Means Real Flavour

Harvested in the most beautiful hues and shapes, sea salt is reflective of the mineral makeup of the landscape from where it is farmed.

The colours of sea salt hint of the minerals within - the rose-colored crystals of Himalayan rock salt, the grey of Atlantic or Celtic salt or the champagne hue of the delicate flakes of Australian sea salt.

The Taste Of Real Salt

Many people don't realize what a difference using artisan sea salt makes instead of using your common old manufactured table salt.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be a gourmet chef to use sea salts to unlock the full flavor of your favorite dish.

No matter what sea salts you love the most, part of the fun is to keep several types on hand and use the textures and colors when you feel inspired.

Artisan Sea Salt is harvested, often by hand, in small batches from all over the world.

So this makes the product expensive and sometimes available in limited quantities.

Purchasing sea salts from these artisan producers support their traditions of excellence and pride.

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