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Hi I'm Alison, and the Love Sea Salt  website is inspired by my travels across the globe to some of the world's most stunning locations.

This website combines so many of my passions - food, travel, history, culture & stories.

Yes, it may seem odd that a product like sea salt can be found inspiring !   

But surprisingly, I am not the only one -  my journey into the world of gourmet sea salt has discovered so many people producing amazing products.

Read about Halen Mons HERE.

And of course,  passions should always be shared to inspire others!

However, there are some places that you visit that make you feel something. 

You're never quite sure what it is about these places, but the feeling grabs you and won't leave.

Destinations like this make sense to you, somehow they speak to you.

There is a connection in your heat, your head. You just get it, and it gets you.

Well, this is how I felt after exploring the salt pans in Malta one wonderful holiday.

We, my other half & me,  discovered the old roman salt pans on the shores.

We scraped together of the white salt, glistening in the blazing summer sun.

And it tasted like nothing else.

Saltier than the ordinary table salt I was used to.

Like a concentration of sea breeze - a wonderful crunch but giving texture.

Can't describe it any other way.

Murray River Salt Flakes

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