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Dead Sea Salt

How did 1,000 naked Israelis help launch a line of gourmet Sea Salt ?

On September 17 2011 the American photographer Spencer Tunick, who specialises in large scale nude installations, created the now-iconic photo shoot of 1,000 Israelis stripped naked floating in (or is that on) the Dead Sea.

This event not only helped to propel the Dead Sea into the campaign for the New Seven Wonders of the World but was also the catalyst to launch Naked Sea Salt; a line of gourmet, flavoured sea salts harvested straight from the shores of the Dead Sea.

Economic Cooperation Can Be A Powerful Tool For Peace.

Naked Sea Salt

While scouting locations for Tunick’s photo shoot back in 2011, Ari Fruchter, a New York-born Israel-based entrepreneur, had noticed a small salt field run by a Palestinian family.

Ari wanted to know more and so went on to discover the West Bank Salt Works, the tiny Palestinian-run factory harvesting and locally marketing Dead Sea salt for nearly half a century.

Ever the entrepreneur, Fruchter teamed up with the Hallak family and launched the only sea salt from this region.

And with recognition to the Tunick art installation, Ari named the joint venture Naked Sea Salt and immediately started to campaign for enough funds to start manufacturing.

A Joint Venture Between Israelis And Palestinians.

Together they make a premium all-natural product and share it with the rest of the world.

Naked Sea Salt encourages regional cooperation; together a Palestinian company and an Israeli start-up harvest salt from the Dead Sea and protect the region while doing it.

Ari Leon Fruchter, CEO of Naked Sea Salt, claims his venture is as green as it gets and will not harm the Dead Sea’s frail ecosystem.

We have an ongoing relationship with the Arava Institute to promote their goals of preserving the Dead Sea,” adds Fruchter, who is himself a long-time environmental activist.

This Is An Entirely Green Enterprise, One With Both Social And Environmental Benefits.

Naked Sea Salt has the richest mineral content of any salt in existence.

It is also: all-natural, low-sodium, harvested using traditional, sustainable methods, free of chemical processing, additives,

or refinement, and blended with herbs and spices to create fifteen different flavours.

A Message Of Peace

Naked Sea Salt has another ambitious goal: to promote peace in the region.

The company says that by working with the Palestinian company it hopes to encourage regional cooperation.

“We are proud of the success we’ve built together,” says Fruchter. “Our operations are in compliance with the recent EU directives.

We’ve formed a profitable and successful partnership with a Palestinian company to harvest Naked Sea’s natural, gourmet salt and to protect the Dead Sea while doing it.

Our work together is exactly the kind of legal, mutually beneficial alliance that will lead to greater peace and prosperity for Palestinians and Israelis alike.”